The Church of Speed 2019 BFGoodrich Mint 400 Photo Gallery Deluxe….

Here’s a photo dump to tide you over until we can get the full story and video together….

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Steineggar & Eshenbaugh’s Winter Hot Rod & Car Show

Winter in many places is the time to put your car away and break out the snow shovel. That’s certainly not the case in Scottsdale…

With over 200 cars in attendance and five nitro fed dragsters firing off this is on party you don’t want to miss!

It just haaaaad to rain…

There’s not much story for me to tell…

I found myself free for the evening last Saturday night, so I booked it down to Wild Horse Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ to catch the last few rounds of the Shutdown Showdown event. I saw one round of small tire class before the weather turned. So that’s that and here are a few photos I managed to shoot before the showdown was shutdown…

Taco tour of the Baja Peninsula. There may also have been a Baja 1000 going on….

“I can’t believe you fuckin’ came dude.”

By now Seth had said that about forty three times and considering that this particular time we were passing through San Quintin, about 175 miles south of Tijuana, I had to laugh. It was at this point I had to remind him of his “sales pitch”… 

“I have some buddies that have a trophy truck and they have this place we can camp out and we can spend a few days eating tacos up and down the Pacific coast.”  There may also have been mention of a donkey we could put ducky stickers on…

The Final Ride….

For the past nine years, The Hell City Saints car club has thrown one Hell of a party in support of the American Legion Post 1 located in downtown Phoenix. Gathering many local hot rods, customs, lowriders and cruisers, the Blessing of The Rods was the place to be early each November. We say ‘was’ due to this ninth show being the last and final hurrah for the event. Spend a few minutes with us to have a look at some of the rides, people and bands at this years “Blessing”…. with appearances including The Octanes, The Roadkill Wranglers and headlined by The Paladins!

Street Car Takeover, Phoenix

In typical fashion, we showed up late, ran out of memory card and had to leave early….

But we were there…. and took advantage of access to the starting line to test out some new some new camera gear on some of the fastest street cars in the southwest.  This video is really just a highlight reel and a few passes shot from trackside. A few of our buddies were running and I hammered this together really just to share the footage with them… there’s still ten solid minutes of great motor noise to crank up if anything. Next time I’ll be on time and have my shit together boys, I promise.

I used to stay out that late. Now I get up this early….

“Hey man… you got fiddy-cent on my bus pass?”

All I wanted was to fill up the F100 and get these motors out

I’m starting to think that “bus pass” is some new code for drugs as this  sloppy shirtless smelly fuck surely wasn’t going to be allowed on public transport. I told him he was welcome to a few random cans in the bed of the truck but that’s where the charity would end. He expressed his displeasure of me not wanting to fund his next fix and moved off in a direction quite the opposite of the bus stop. Ya just gotta love downtown….

All of a sudden there was fire…

And here I was, the steel booted meathead behind the wheel. This was not an enjoyable conclusion to my first (and thus far, only) time actually hot footing the racecar. I was just getting a feel for things when with a flash of orange and the blast of a fire bottle we were hustling to get it back in the trailer, back to the shop and torn apart to see just how bad it was. This was Tuesday…  we rolled onto the dyno at 0900 and this picture was taken at noon. I remember because we were on the clock, big time. Speedweek was set to kick off Friday and we weren’t planning on missing out…. 

-continued some other time