The Copperstate 1000 Rally… basically a photo-dump and a lame 200 words.

“Pull in there dude,” I told my buddy, “park this sum-bitch in the show….”

There was an expression of hesitation on his face as we noticed the looks on the faces of the fellas guarding the premier parking situation, armored in day-glo vests, armed with orange construction flags… ready to send these greasers in a flat black ’40 Ford pickup down the road to park like suckers amongst the mini vans and rental cars. It’s just so much more fun to fall into the line up of Ferraris, 911’s…  let’s just say the spectator parking was as nearly as good as the big show.

Inside the stadium, the variety of cars about to depart for a thousand mile tour of the The Grand Canyon State is impressive and quite interesting. From the Lamborghini Islero to the many 356’s to the Dino’s and Split window’s and racecars and even a Tatra 87…. google that…. the attitude on the field is quite casual and quite frankly made me quite jealous that I didn’t get to tag along to see these cars on the open road.

Here’s a little video we threw together high lighting a few of our favorite cars in the show and a few as they pulled off the grass and onto the highway….

Video killed the radio star…

We’ve come up with the brilliant idea to start making little videos or episodes or shows or whatever you want to call them. We have no idea what we’re doing and no idea which direction we’ll go with it. As usual we’ll wing it and let the world be our oyster….


Feel free to let us know what we’re doing wrong.


Somebody will surely call bullshit….

You guys are never gonna believe this…

On my way in to the shop this morning in the roadster, I pulled up to a red light. Spidey senses tingling, I look over my shoulder only to see one of Phoenix’ finest creeping up on my quarter panel. He’s rolling his window down and I’m thinking for sure the open headers have finally got me busted. No such luck… He looks the car over and then to me saying “Let’s race”. I give him a little throttle blip and the light goes green. He lit outta there like a scalded dog. Son. Of. A. Bitch…. I just got smoked by a cop!


It’s the weekend. And it’s time to hit the streets. We’ll be out cruising along (and trying to keep up) with some of the guys that are out there yanking the skinnies in back alleys and side streets. If they’re cool they’ll even let me post the pics…

Not Rich’s Corvette…

If you know the real story behind the “Not Rich’s Corvette” gag, you can spill the beans if you like.  I secretly hope he punks us one day and shows up in his mystery C1…. but that’s never going to happen.


More in the forum…

Offerings to the Gods of Speed…

I’d been behind the wheel of the race car plenty of times. Even on the hallowed ground of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The number of those times behind the wheel while the engine was running? Exactly zero…  Today was my day and I… well, I was shittin’ bricks… this was a fresh motor and it’s not like we showed up at the dyno to run our mouth.
As the car was strapped down, and I cannot explain what made me do this, but I wandered over to the corner about 25 feet from the car, snatched the fire bottle off the wall, placing it a few steps between the car and the guy running the rollers for us. You can bet the farm that I made some sarcastic remark about not needing that funky yellow powder all over the place….
Quickly I leaned that “driving” this thing wasn’t quite as frightening as I’d “hoped”. It was exhilarating to squeeze into the throttle and toss the seemingly miles long shifter around. I just didn’t want to hurt the car or look like an idiot. Or look like an idiot by hurting the car. Or hurt the car by being an idiot…






Push starts….

We are 100% open for business… and we’re pretty close to “going public” and blowing the doors right off this thing. I’ve asked a few great guys to contribute and they even agreed! Please get signed up and have a look around, if you have any problems with the registration email please send me a direct message at and I’ll get you fixed right up. Thanks again to everyone for their encouragement and support as we get this up and running, I appreciate your patience as I can only work on this after normal shop hours and on the weekend. Be on the lookout for more original content from myself and some of your favorite (infamous) contributors from around the world.




Like that first drive around the block, sitting on a milkcrate…

It’s been an exciting weekend here at the homestead…. I’ve talked a long time about having “our” own website and forum. No more getting banned. No more picture reporting dinguses. No more politics….

More hot rods. More hot women. While there will surely be some bugs to work out let’s have a run at it and see what happens. My goals are to feature original content on this page and we can still share the “stolen” pics in the forum and the social media pages as well.  The best part is that it’s our page and we make the rules and maintain the rights to our content.

Click the register button down below and the Discussion button in the menu above to get started.

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The rewards of a Taco Bell based diet….

My first trip to Bonneville was Speed Week 2013. That summer we lived at the shop. Eight to five was normal shop hours and from five until we were ready to pass out on the concrete, was hot rod time. As my wife tells it, I would come home for a shower, sleep a few hours and head back to work… I don’t think I ate at home for weeks. I lived on Taco Bell and Mountain Dew.
We slept alongside the so-called Extra-terrestrial Highway after deciding to call it a day having put in nearly 24 hours. I’ve never been to a place so silent that even the constant ringing in my ears was quiet. Later that morning we made a good impression on one of the SCTA officials as we blasted past them at nearly 100mph with the racecar trailing behind.
Pulling onto the Salt and driving up to the technical inspection area was surreal. It was late in the day, the shadows were long and the Salt began to take on a blueish tint as opposed to it’s typical blinding white. I was greeted by Judy the Bag Lady and invited down from the cab for my first steps on the legendary surface and a welcoming hug. I’m not too proud to tell anyone that these few minutes brought tears to my eyes…. after all the hard work, the long hours, the shitty fast food… here I was, on the Bonneville Salt Flats standing there like an idiot, blocking the line through tech with a car not quite ready and not a clue or care in the world. We had made it.


….to be continued