Steineggar & Eshenbaugh’s Winter Hot Rod & Car Show

Winter in many places is the time to put your car away and break out the snow shovel. That’s certainly not the case in Scottsdale…

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With over 200 cars in attendance and five nitro fed dragsters firing off this is on party you don’t want to miss!

It just haaaaad to rain…

There’s not much story for me to tell…

I found myself free for the evening last Saturday night, so I booked it down to Wild Horse Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ to catch the last few rounds of the Shutdown Showdown event. I saw one round of small tire class before the weather turned. So that’s that and here are a few photos I managed to shoot before the showdown was shutdown…

Taco tour of the Baja Peninsula. There may also have been a Baja 1000 going on….

“I can’t believe you fuckin’ came dude.”

By now Seth had said that about forty three times and considering that this particular time we were passing through San Quintin, about 175 miles south of Tijuana, I had to laugh. It was at this point I had to remind him of his “sales pitch”… 

“I have some buddies that have a trophy truck and they have this place we can camp out and we can spend a few days eating tacos up and down the Pacific coast.”  There may also have been mention of a donkey we could put ducky stickers on…

The Final Ride….

For the past nine years, The Hell City Saints car club has thrown one Hell of a party in support of the American Legion Post 1 located in downtown Phoenix. Gathering many local hot rods, customs, lowriders and cruisers, the Blessing of The Rods was the place to be early each November. We say ‘was’ due to this ninth show being the last and final hurrah for the event. Spend a few minutes with us to have a look at some of the rides, people and bands at this years “Blessing”…. with appearances including The Octanes, The Roadkill Wranglers and headlined by The Paladins!

Rockabilly Bash 2019

Pin-up girls? Check. Tattoo contest? Check. Mini bike action on the dirt track? Check. Bands? Tons. Tire smoke? More than plenty…. this is the AZ Rockabilly Bash 2019 hosted on the shores of Lake Pleasant, just a few minutes north of Phoenix. The Bash is a 3 day festival style event with camping/RV parking, a 300 foot “hole shot contest”, tons of great bands and a highly competitive burnout competition. With a variety of on-site activities and the events proximity to town you will have the choice to fully relax or wear yourself out behind the wheel on some scenic backroads in the area. A super fun event with a small town, family friendly feel… thanks to the small group of enthusiasts that put on the show. Whatever your plans are for next March, we suggest you change them and plan to attend the Rockabilly Bash! In the meantime enjoy this little teaser video or check our youtube channel for coverage of 2018’s event!

Arizona Cars & Coffee

1st Saturday of the month Scottsdale Cars & Coffee

Living in Arizona we are privileged beyond belief. What better state to be a car enthusiast and collector? Seriously our dry heat is a “barn finders” dream! If you can find that barn.  However if you’re in north Scottsdale.. drop on into Penske’s Barn.
Penske Racing Museum. You won’t be disappointed.

You can usually find me here 1st Sat of the month. Ask me for a Ducky sticker!

2nd Saturday of the month Chandler Cars & Coffee

Gassers, Tuners & Car clubs show up here in force. Kneaders Bakery & Cafe / Guaranteed to see AZ Veloster & One Auto Movement cars here.

The Copperstate 1000 Rally… basically a photo-dump and a lame 200 words.

“Pull in there dude,” I told my buddy, “park this sum-bitch in the show….”

There was an expression of hesitation on his face as we noticed the looks on the faces of the fellas guarding the premier parking situation, armored in day-glo vests, armed with orange construction flags… ready to send these greasers in a flat black ’40 Ford pickup down the road to park like suckers amongst the mini vans and rental cars. It’s just so much more fun to fall into the line up of Ferraris, 911’s…  let’s just say the spectator parking was as nearly as good as the big show.

Inside the stadium, the variety of cars about to depart for a thousand mile tour of the The Grand Canyon State is impressive and quite interesting. From the Lamborghini Islero to the many 356’s to the Dino’s and Split window’s and racecars and even a Tatra 87…. google that…. the attitude on the field is quite casual and quite frankly made me quite jealous that I didn’t get to tag along to see these cars on the open road.

Here’s a little video we threw together high lighting a few of our favorite cars in the show and a few as they pulled off the grass and onto the highway….