Street Car Takeover, Phoenix

In typical fashion, we showed up late, ran out of memory card and had to leave early….

But we were there…. and took advantage of access to the starting line to test out some new some new camera gear on some of the fastest street cars in the southwest.  This video is really just a highlight reel and a few passes shot from trackside. A few of our buddies were running and I hammered this together really just to share the footage with them… there’s still ten solid minutes of great motor noise to crank up if anything. Next time I’ll be on time and have my shit together boys, I promise.

I used to stay out that late. Now I get up this early….

“Hey man… you got fiddy-cent on my bus pass?”

All I wanted was to fill up the F100 and get these motors out

I’m starting to think that “bus pass” is some new code for drugs as this  sloppy shirtless smelly fuck surely wasn’t going to be allowed on public transport. I told him he was welcome to a few random cans in the bed of the truck but that’s where the charity would end. He expressed his displeasure of me not wanting to fund his next fix and moved off in a direction quite the opposite of the bus stop. Ya just gotta love downtown….

The “High Life” Reel….

A look back to some of the things we’ve done and pointed cameras at…. the end of an era. Now that we’re joined forces with Tyler and TxP Media the days of the oil on the lens, low-res video, are over. Mostly over… I’ll still share those cell phone videos from around the shop, don’t worry.  So here it is, the last, Church of Speed, edited in the bathroom on cell phone movie……  -nick


It’s the weekend. And it’s time to hit the streets. We’ll be out cruising along (and trying to keep up) with some of the guys that are out there yanking the skinnies in back alleys and side streets. If they’re cool they’ll even let me post the pics…

Not Rich’s Corvette…

If you know the real story behind the “Not Rich’s Corvette” gag, you can spill the beans if you like.  I secretly hope he punks us one day and shows up in his mystery C1…. but that’s never going to happen.


More in the forum…

Push starts….

We are 100% open for business… and we’re pretty close to “going public” and blowing the doors right off this thing. I’ve asked a few great guys to contribute and they even agreed! Please get signed up and have a look around, if you have any problems with the registration email please send me a direct message at and I’ll get you fixed right up. Thanks again to everyone for their encouragement and support as we get this up and running, I appreciate your patience as I can only work on this after normal shop hours and on the weekend. Be on the lookout for more original content from myself and some of your favorite (infamous) contributors from around the world.




Like that first drive around the block, sitting on a milkcrate…

It’s been an exciting weekend here at the homestead…. I’ve talked a long time about having “our” own website and forum. No more getting banned. No more picture reporting dinguses. No more politics….

More hot rods. More hot women. While there will surely be some bugs to work out let’s have a run at it and see what happens. My goals are to feature original content on this page and we can still share the “stolen” pics in the forum and the social media pages as well.  The best part is that it’s our page and we make the rules and maintain the rights to our content.

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