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What better way to cover that unpainted garage drywall or faded trailer side at the track than a great big Church of Speed banner? Printed on 13oz vinyl, fully hemmed with brass grommets, these banners are made to last. We offer two "styles", larger ducks and smaller ducks. in not just one but TWO whole colors!! (white and black!) Prices start at $25 for a the small 4x1 footer and go to up to $150 for the 12x4 foot units.

Not gonna lie, this store app leaves a bit to be desired and it will not let us upload full resolution images here, please make your size selections carefully. The ONE UP ducks are just that, one big Church of Speed Duck on a 4x4 foot banner. The FOUR UP are 4x4 foot with 4 duck logos in a checker pattern. The main difference in the rest of the selections are the MICRO duck banners have twice as many logo's, the "regular" ducks are twice as large. See the mid-grade resolution pics above for examples.

PS, We produce these here at Church of Speed Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

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