Duck Smugglers - Baja Hoodies

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Hecho en Mexico and vandalized with our infamous OG ducks in bright gold metal flake right here at CoS World HQ on Murder Mile in downtown PHX, these hoodies will be sure to catch the attention of those fly heina's and border agents alike. Sizes XL, XXL, and XXXL only. They tend to run a bit small and are guaranteed to shrink, unless you let your mom wash it, so we recommend going a size up. They don't come in smaller sizes because your chick is going to steal it and we could only fit so many in the trunk....

As for colors, we don't get to pick and neither do you. Just like shitty Mexican weed, these come in bales and just like that shitty weed your local pusher sells, we're gonna fill your bag with whatever we've got laying around and send it. There aren't any bright pink or horrible color combos, we try to pick bales with "traditional" colors. That's not to say you couldn't shoot the guys on the FB page a message and ask (or bribe them) nicely, we'll do our best but no promises.

One more thing, if you're from outside of the US, there may be considerable delay in shipping so feel free to contact us for updates on shipping before or after ordering. We recommend before...

If you to plan on Spicoli'n this MF'er and rock it shirtless, then do you, boo.

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