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According to some mumbo-jumbo we read on a moderately sketchy looking website, we're now offering "Certificates of Ordainment" so you guys can (allegedly) perform weddings and/or funerals or whatever sort of shenanigans you think you can get away with possession of this fancy piece of paper. While you do not need this to be a member of the Church of Speed, legend has it that you can take this to your local town hall and while they may giggle some, they'll likely take your money and send you on your way to spread the good word of burning rubber and high-test fuel... 'til death, and such.

Includes a personalized certificate with your name, (We'll actually send two just in case...) and registration in our exclusive club of people with a good sense of humor and a little expendable cash. We'll send some stickers and possibly some random swag too... Please message the Facebook page or call the shop with your order number if you'd prefer to have another name or nickname besides the one listed on your account on the printed copy. Suitable for framing or I'll do what any "good" church would do and tax that ass if you want us to frame it for you...

Please don't listen to us for legal advice or any advice for that matter, be an adult and double check your local guidelines before pulling the trigger on this, while people are "ordained" online every day, it's not our responsibility to know the rules and regulations of every po-dunk little town that still thinks it's 1893...

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