The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum: A Home for Racing History

Nestled in the heart of Otho, Iowa, the Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum is a treasure trove of racing history that has been carefully curated and preserved by Marty Pringle, a lifelong enthusiast of the sport. This remarkable museum is a testament to the passion and dedication of Marty and his family and friends, who have dedicated years to collecting, restoring, and showcasing a unique array of racing memorabilia and artifacts.

Marty Pringle’s journey into the world of racing began in the late 1950s when he watched his father compete against some of the greatest dirt track legends in central Iowa. From those early days as a spectator, his involvement in the sport expanded to include various roles such as building, maintaining, racing, owning, sponsoring, flagging, and being a pit crew member. Marty’s deep-rooted connection to racing is a central theme that runs throughout the museum’s collection.

The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum houses an impressive assortment of racing artifacts and memorabilia, with many items personally owned by Marty Pringle and on permanent loan to the museum. Over the years, numerous drivers and their families have generously donated items to Marty’s personal collection, which he has proudly displayed to the public for many years.

The collection includes a diverse array of items, from race cars and equipment to autographed memorabilia. Some of the notable items in the museum’s collection include:

  1. Mike Smith #37 Late Model
  2. Wendell Scott #34 ’39 Ford Coupe (from the movie “Greased Lightning”)
  3. Willie Kraft #83 Sanger Late Model
  4. Roger Tapper #85 Larry Shaw Late Model
  5. Jerry Dixon #3 Hobby Stock
  6. Marty Pringle #27p Hobby Stock
  7. Bob Hill #46 1996 Daytona Car
  8. Clint Pringle #76 Figure 8 Car
  9. Chuck Hubbard #2 -1940 Ford Coupe
  10. Gerald Seiser 7up – 35 Ford Coupe
  11. Jim Pringle #lx -34 Ford Coupe
  12. Tony Anthony #lOx -34 Ford Coupe
  13. Dean Fowler #7 Camaro
  14. 1957 Purple Quarter Midget
  15. Bruce Sommerfeld #50 -Mid ’80s modified
  16. Craig Jacobs #96- 2013 Mach 1 Late Model
  17. Craig Jacobs #96- 2011 MasterBuilt
  18. Phil Kenyon #99 – ’57 Ford
  19. Denny Pittman’s first racing car – 1964 Chevelle
  20. Ryan Griffith’s Late Model
  21. Jimmy Gustin #19 Modified
  22. Ed Morris 1970 Track Champion (’56 Chevy)
  23. Vintage racing signs, equipment, and trophies
  24. A vast collection of photos, programs, yearbooks, and media guides

The museum’s dedication to preserving racing history extends beyond artifacts. It also celebrates the individuals who have left an indelible mark on the sport. The Iowa Hall of Fame, which celebrated its inaugural group of 30+ inductees in 2018, continues to honor Iowa’s racing legends and heroes. The Board of Directors is passionate about preserving Iowa’s racing heritage for future generations and regularly inducts new members from various categories, including drivers, owners/builders/car sponsors, promoters/officials/media/event or series sponsors, and more.

Visitors to the Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum are treated to a truly interactive and educational experience that encapsulates the rich history of racing in Iowa. The museum’s commitment to sharing this history has drawn visitors from four countries, 18 states, and 116 Iowa towns, highlighting the widespread appeal of racing and its enduring legacy.

In addition to housing a remarkable collection, the museum hosts an annual racing reunion, bringing together drivers, families, and fans from across the region. It’s a testament to the sense of community and camaraderie that racing has fostered in Iowa for generations.

The dream of the Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum is to provide a permanent facility that can continue to house and showcase the rich tapestry of Iowa’s racing history. With limited space and word-of-mouth advertising, the museum has already achieved remarkable success in preserving this heritage.

The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum is not just a museum; it’s a living testament to the passion, dedication, and rich history of racing in Iowa. As it continues to grow and evolve, it remains a must-visit destination for racing enthusiasts and anyone interested in the captivating story of racing in the Hawkeye State.

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