The rewards of a Taco Bell based diet….

My first trip to Bonneville was Speed Week 2013. That summer we lived at the shop. Eight to five was normal shop hours and from five until we were ready to pass out on the concrete, was hot rod time. As my wife tells it, I would come home for a shower, sleep a few hours and head back to work… I don’t think I ate at home for weeks. I lived on Taco Bell and Mountain Dew.
We slept alongside the so-called Extra-terrestrial Highway after deciding to call it a day having put in nearly 24 hours. I’ve never been to a place so silent that even the constant ringing in my ears was quiet. Later that morning we made a good impression on one of the SCTA officials as we blasted past them at nearly 100mph with the racecar trailing behind.
Pulling onto the Salt and driving up to the technical inspection area was surreal. It was late in the day, the shadows were long and the Salt began to take on a blueish tint as opposed to it’s typical blinding white. I was greeted by Judy the Bag Lady and invited down from the cab for my first steps on the legendary surface and a welcoming hug. I’m not too proud to tell anyone that these few minutes brought tears to my eyes…. after all the hard work, the long hours, the shitty fast food… here I was, on the Bonneville Salt Flats standing there like an idiot, blocking the line through tech with a car not quite ready and not a clue or care in the world. We had made it.


….to be continued

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