2024 Grand National Roadster Show

The Grand National Roadster Show, a revered automotive event held annually in California, epitomizes the essence of automotive craftsmanship and passion. Originating in the 1940s, the show has evolved into a global showcase for hot rods, custom cars, and classic automobiles, drawing enthusiasts and builders from far and wide. At its core, the event represents a celebration of automotive culture, where diversity in vehicle displays mirrors the individuality and vision of their creators.

Central to the show’s appeal is the prestigious “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” award, which recognizes the pinnacle of automotive design and craftsmanship. Beyond accolades, the Grand National Roadster Show fosters a vibrant community of enthusiasts, providing a platform for connection, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. As automotive technology advances, the show also serves as a glimpse into the future of innovation, inspiring builders and manufacturers to push the boundaries of what is possible. In essence, the Grand National Roadster Show is a testament to the enduring allure of the automobile and the unwavering passion it ignites in enthusiasts worldwide.

Closing out Another Season on the Dry Lakes..

Birds eye view of the starting line, looking down course..

The last meet of the Southern California Timing Association 2023 season at El Mirage Dry Lake was a two-day event that brought together racing enthusiasts in a thrilling display of speed and skill. Despite the chilly weather, the weekend turned out to be amazing, providing the perfect backdrop for the excitement on the track.

Thank you once again to the SCTA competitors and volunteers for allowing us to be a part of your history.

The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum: A Home for Racing History

Nestled in the heart of Otho, Iowa, the Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum is a treasure trove of racing history that has been carefully curated and preserved by Marty Pringle, a lifelong enthusiast of the sport. This remarkable museum is a testament to the passion and dedication of Marty and his family and friends, who have dedicated years to collecting, restoring, and showcasing a unique array of racing memorabilia and artifacts.

Marty Pringle’s journey into the world of racing began in the late 1950s when he watched his father compete against some of the greatest dirt track legends in central Iowa. From those early days as a spectator, his involvement in the sport expanded to include various roles such as building, maintaining, racing, owning, sponsoring, flagging, and being a pit crew member. Marty’s deep-rooted connection to racing is a central theme that runs throughout the museum’s collection.

The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum houses an impressive assortment of racing artifacts and memorabilia, with many items personally owned by Marty Pringle and on permanent loan to the museum. Over the years, numerous drivers and their families have generously donated items to Marty’s personal collection, which he has proudly displayed to the public for many years.

The collection includes a diverse array of items, from race cars and equipment to autographed memorabilia. Some of the notable items in the museum’s collection include:

  1. Mike Smith #37 Late Model
  2. Wendell Scott #34 ’39 Ford Coupe (from the movie “Greased Lightning”)
  3. Willie Kraft #83 Sanger Late Model
  4. Roger Tapper #85 Larry Shaw Late Model
  5. Jerry Dixon #3 Hobby Stock
  6. Marty Pringle #27p Hobby Stock
  7. Bob Hill #46 1996 Daytona Car
  8. Clint Pringle #76 Figure 8 Car
  9. Chuck Hubbard #2 -1940 Ford Coupe
  10. Gerald Seiser 7up – 35 Ford Coupe
  11. Jim Pringle #lx -34 Ford Coupe
  12. Tony Anthony #lOx -34 Ford Coupe
  13. Dean Fowler #7 Camaro
  14. 1957 Purple Quarter Midget
  15. Bruce Sommerfeld #50 -Mid ’80s modified
  16. Craig Jacobs #96- 2013 Mach 1 Late Model
  17. Craig Jacobs #96- 2011 MasterBuilt
  18. Phil Kenyon #99 – ’57 Ford
  19. Denny Pittman’s first racing car – 1964 Chevelle
  20. Ryan Griffith’s Late Model
  21. Jimmy Gustin #19 Modified
  22. Ed Morris 1970 Track Champion (’56 Chevy)
  23. Vintage racing signs, equipment, and trophies
  24. A vast collection of photos, programs, yearbooks, and media guides

The museum’s dedication to preserving racing history extends beyond artifacts. It also celebrates the individuals who have left an indelible mark on the sport. The Iowa Hall of Fame, which celebrated its inaugural group of 30+ inductees in 2018, continues to honor Iowa’s racing legends and heroes. The Board of Directors is passionate about preserving Iowa’s racing heritage for future generations and regularly inducts new members from various categories, including drivers, owners/builders/car sponsors, promoters/officials/media/event or series sponsors, and more.

Visitors to the Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum are treated to a truly interactive and educational experience that encapsulates the rich history of racing in Iowa. The museum’s commitment to sharing this history has drawn visitors from four countries, 18 states, and 116 Iowa towns, highlighting the widespread appeal of racing and its enduring legacy.

In addition to housing a remarkable collection, the museum hosts an annual racing reunion, bringing together drivers, families, and fans from across the region. It’s a testament to the sense of community and camaraderie that racing has fostered in Iowa for generations.

The dream of the Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum is to provide a permanent facility that can continue to house and showcase the rich tapestry of Iowa’s racing history. With limited space and word-of-mouth advertising, the museum has already achieved remarkable success in preserving this heritage.

The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum is not just a museum; it’s a living testament to the passion, dedication, and rich history of racing in Iowa. As it continues to grow and evolve, it remains a must-visit destination for racing enthusiasts and anyone interested in the captivating story of racing in the Hawkeye State.

SCTA 2022 Season Opener

April showers bring May flowers… or something like that… not that it matters in the midst of what they’re saying is the worst drought the Southwestern United States has seen in 1200 years. The lack of precipitation has left the lake bed in a bit of a rough condition, but that didn’t stop the competition. Records were made on both days of the event with plenty of 200 plus mile per hour passes in both the car and motorcycle classes, the highlight for many being the first 300 mile per hour pass on the dirt in many years, congratulations to the #77 team for capturing the top speed of the meet with a 303 mph pass!

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Church of Speed-cast…

When it comes to podcasts, we have little to no idea what we’re doing. When it comes to calling our buddies and making them come down to Crackville for a visit, we are the Champions of the World… lol

You think you know speed??? Whatchu’ know about 340mph in a top fuel car? Probably jack… Lucky for us we have NHRA Top Fuel Pilot and team owner Jim Maroney to give us the lowdown on what it’s like pushing ten thousand horsepower down the quarter mile, just don’t ask about that time in Vegas. Dean Livermore of Hot Rods by Dean fame is also here along with his son, Zach, who has some pretty good news for some of you grumpy old keyboard warriors about high school shop class. Click the link and have a listen…

SCTA World Finals 2020

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I was properly stressed out. Moving into the new shop… trying to get settled in a maybe think about making a few dollars…. I hadn’t stopped for a minute since blasting back from Speed Week. A break was called for and when Wendell Burns called and asked what my plans were for World Finals my response was “Smoking cigars with you and taking pictures, sir.” I was so excited to go I tried to leave a week early…

Full story coming soon…

The Grand Ave Collection…

Grand Avenue is the spot Saturday night in downtown Phoenix…. It also just happens to be basically in my backyard so I’ve sneak out and have some fun with the camera when I can.

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Speed Week 2020

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I’m not to proud too understand that you didn’t come here to read what ever I have to say about this… lol. Full story coming shortly.

Vintage Torque Fest 2020

What happens when 2020 comes around and shuts all the local shows down? You drive 1689 miles across the country to spend the day someplace new….

I spent 2 days behind the wheel to spend a day partying down Iowa style with the guys from Torque Fest and The Rod Tossers CC. I won’t lie, this ‘coverage’ is lacking in the ‘coverage’ department and is more of a showcase of the action going on and around the dirt track at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. And there is plenty of action… from the minute I pulled up to the back gate, until I had to split on Sunday, there was somebody, running something around the track; dirt bikes, mini-bikes, vintage dirt track bikes and hot rods. There were a few sessions of ‘run what you brung’ style grudge racing and the Summit Dirt Drags on the front stretch. The ‘main-event’ went down on Saturday night. Chain racing was new to me but an absolute hoot, two cars are chained together, front car has an engine and no brakes, rear car has no engine and may or may not have brakes. It’s a shit show like none other and we will be back to participate. Bet.

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The Last Cruise… Metrocenter

“I ain’t never seen anything like this…”-pretty much ‘erebody

Earlier last week, management at the Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix announced their decision to pull the plug and shutter the nearly vacant shopping center. What came next was a flood of nostalgia and reminiscing from disappointed locals, many of whom spent countless evenings circling the property in their youth, a time long before pop up meets and two way communication apps for your phone, you just went and cruised Metro. A simple idea, “let’s go cruise the mall one last time” exploded into an unbelievable send off that nobody expected, turning out to be what will be remembered as one of the largest cruise nights in Arizona history….

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Track Day Action with NASA…

As happy as I am to have something to point cameras at, you could feel the excitement as these drivers were finally able to make some road course laps on the west track at Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park. Congratulations to Bobby Tanner making the show in his first road racing event, you can check out Bobby’s #198 Miata mixed in with the rest of the group in the gallery below. Don’t see your car? Shoot us a message, I shot a few thousand pics and just didn’t have room to post them all here.

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The Battle at Tucson…. West Coast Hot Rod Association style…

It was one of those weird Arizona days where it’s about a hundred and ten degrees out, yet a ‘cool’ northbound breeze threaten to drag in a sky high wall of dust followed by flash flood warnings and gully washers. It was actually two days like that. Luckily the wind merely threatened, leaving behind two pleasant evenings to kick off the West Coast Hot Rod Association’s 2020 season.

As the sun crept below the horizon we were treated to some phenomenal sunsets setting the scene for some great racing action on the Tucson Dragway. We’ll get the official results posted once Danny and crew have a chance to get those over to us but for now enjoy some shots from the event.

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Cruise to the Pines 2020

Disclaimer; I crashed this party and didn’t really stick around for much of it… definitely not our best event coverage… I was feeling the need for speed so I treated it a bit like a chase, got some live video on the Facebook page, hauled ass ahead, got a few shots, hauled ass ahead again, got some shots on the mountain and then spent the rest of the day driving aimlessly around the backroads of Yavapai county.

Omega Motorsports March 2020

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Covering the NHRA Arizona Nationals as if we were some sort of professionals…

Worst they can say is no…

-the webm0nk

“Dude…. I got to talk to Don Prudome!” Jessie was on another planet…. I mean, he kinda always is, but this time the galaxy he was orbiting around was the Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park dragstrip and he had an all access press credential hanging around his neck. “Should’a asked him for an interview bud,” I suggested, giving his media bling a tug, “It’s your fault we’re even here!” And it really was his fault… or… idea to come here. About then, a pair of top fuel cars pull up about nine feet from us as they roll out of their burnout, Jessie, suddenly transported to planet focus and intensity aiming that two hundred millimeter glass towards the track, “I wanna see the whites in their eyes….”

It’s mind bending. I swear you go blind for a split second as the cars go by… eyeballs overcome by the pressure of twenty thousand horsepower exploding, visible shockwaves punching their way through you, leaving behind a nitromethane and tire smoke cocktail for the sinuses. Eyes burn… noses run… mind how you and when you breathe. Be ready in case one of these suckers makes a break for the wall….

Ground zero for incredible speed, the fuel fed blower cars are celebrities of the day, and fans follow them around the track from pit to staging lane, some spending big money on seats in stands that they never see, choosing instead to stand along the fence truly getting the maximum possible bang for their buck.

After hours at the track is where the similarities to celebrity athletes ends however as many of the drivers and crews can be found interacting with fans and sharing the cars, answering questions and occasionally offering up some 330mph souvenirs.

Go to the races… click through our photo gallery.

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Random Saturday Night in The Valley…. Dirt Tracks and Low-Lows

*insert text message notifications noise*… it’s from Kevin and it’s just a link to the re-opened Adobe Mountain Speedway which says racing is over in 90 minutes. What the hell… I jump in the car and head north making it in time for the final rounds of racing and talked my way into the infield.

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There was a quite a bit more than the advertised 90 minutes worth of racing left, I was able to settle in, find a few good angles, catch a few cool shots until racing was done and I was sufficiently dust and racing fuel scented. It wasn’t even 9:30 yet which meant my favorite taco cart wouldn’t be serving up that delicious barbacoa so I split down to the weekly Grand Avenue cruise downtown…

Grand National Roadster Show, 2020….

You cannot and will not be able to see everything…


Everyone was one hundred percent correct too… We ‘snuck in’ a the day before the show and ran around the Fairplex for two and a half solid days trying to prove them wrong. We didn’t stand a chance. Not even close….

After having taken a Saturday afternoon siesta. we noticed a bunch of folks headed out of the show and the sunset to our backs had us pulled over to the side of the road like paparazzi for some random rollers. Goodtimes….

Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for more photos and check our YouTube for seizure inducing video….

Just a random day out…

Four thirty in the morning… I am wide awake and wired like a jackrabbit. So I hopped in the opulente ente…. Hot coffee and a full tank of the ‘hoods finest later, I hit the highway headed towards the farmland and McMansions in the suburbs to see what could be seen.

First light makes for great photos. There were a handful of shutterbugs scurrying around…

Still dark and my arrival premature, having beaten the drivetime estimation by a considerable factor… I hunkered down in a end spot, cranked the heat up and started in on the coffee. It wasn’t long until I was flanked by a jet boat and another form of yacht in a Hellcat Charger… they started rolling in and soon enough we had a car show on our hands. And so began our day at Chandler Cars and Coffee…

“I can still see my breath…”


By Arizona standards it was a bit chilly out. I offered the jet boat fellow a towel to wipe off the red gel coat but it wasn’t morning dew… it was last nights frost. Stuffing my hands deeper into my pockets as the sun crept over the horizon offering much less warmth than us thin blooded desert dwellers had been craving the parking lot was starting to fill up with an interesting assortment of machinery. I grabbed the camera and a few shots before splitting to the next spot…

This puppers came to the meet in an R8… I was slightly jealous.

I jammed out from Chandler and hit the highway again… bound for east Mesa and another Cars and Coffee event taking place at Power and McDowell, a 20 mile cruise across town. With what could be considered “no” traffic, the Duck of Opulence made short work of the trip and in a few short minutes we were arriving at meet number two…


The Mesa meet was a little more low key… more of a small town feel, no crazy wide body kits or wrapped cars, more hot rods and street rods even a deuce and a half military truck. It seemed like we missed out for making this stop number two as it seemed many participants had already broken camp.

And as it goes, that was pretty much that… I got a few shots in and people started clearing out. I’ll make this the first stop next time and see how that works out but I imagine it will be another relaxing morning filled with great cars to see and a nice drive to go see them.

Sunday School with Omega Motorsports…

Welcome to Gila Bend…. or…. well, their airport anyhow. We spent the morning track side with Omega Motorsports and can’t wait to get our junk back on the road, ripping some half mile passes. The laid back format makes for an enjoyable day of pushing your machine to the limits without the pressure or structure of a ‘race’. Ready to make a pass? Simply pull onto the taxiway and wait for clearance… No Fly Zone is not merely a speed trial but a diverse display of machinery being put to the test, from BMW’s and Mustang’s, to Lamborghini’s and Hayabusa’s, Viper’s, Porsche’s, GTR’s…. and they’re all here to put the hammer down. While the paddock and spectator parking is full of rare, exotic and modified cars, the real show is out on the tarmac….

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Thanksgiving 2019

My favorite day of the year. And not because I like turkey or sweet potato’s but because we gather up a bunch of cars and friends and make some noise. This run is a yearly tradition going back over 20 years and with it’s close proximity to the city, this 20-ish mile run is a nice way to kill a few hours on the road instead of riding the couch watching that same old boring parade while you wait to stuff your gut.

Grand Ave is poppin’ AND hoppin’…

If you know, then you know….

I’d been hearing rumors that the lowriders have been showing up in full force. I now consider myself a bit more well informed about what somebody means when they say “them dudes are showing up FULL FORCE!”. This isn’t an advertised deal with shirt vendors and kettle korn… this is cruising, with the occasional hopper standing up on the rear bumper in the middle of the street. Goodtimes.

Afterhours Hogging…

Time is money they say, and nowhere will you be reminded about that more often than in a machine shop. Turning handles for a living isn’t what most people expect, as a fair portion of your time is planning, setting-up, double checking your plan and set up, eventually firing up the machine to make some chips. And then there’s times when you just need to haul ass to rough in a part to help get the job moving along. This is one of those times… most everyone had gone home for the night so we had some fun making some big noise with a monster of an old Axleson lathe.

The Church of Speed 2019 BFGoodrich Mint 400 Photo Gallery Deluxe….

Here’s a photo dump to tide you over until we can get the full story and video together….

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